Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.

PO Box 427, High Point, NC  27261

Phone:     (336) 885-8315;  Fax:  (336) 886-8865

Email:; Website:

Contact: Tom Inman, President

AHMI is an association that promotes logs, lumber and products from the Appalachian region.

Atlanta Hardwood Corporation

5596 Riverview Road, Mableton, GA  30126-2914

Phone:     (404) 792-2290;   Fax:  (404) 792-2294


Contacts:  James W. Howard, Jr., President; Marty Payny, Sales Manager; and

Patrick G. Altham, VP Export

Products:  boards, common; boards, select; flooring; moulding

Species:  alder, ash, basswood, beech, cherry, hickory, imported hardwoods, mahogany, hard maple, soft maple, white maple, red oak, white oak, poplar, walnut, eastern white pine.

Baillie Lumber Company

PO Box 6, Hamburg, NY  14075

Phone:     (716) 649-2850; Fax:  (716) 649-2811

Email:; Website:

Contacts:  Jeff Meyer, President; Kenneth A. Philbrick, Yard Operations Manager

Products:  boards, common; boards, select

Species:  ash, basswood, beech, birch, cherry, red elm, hickory, hard maple, soft maple, red oak, white oak, poplar, walnut.

Bingaman & Son Lumber, Inc.

PO Box 247, Kreamer, PA  17833

Phone:     (570) 374-1108;  Fax: (570) 374-5342

Email:; Website:

Contacts:  Chris Bingaman, Vice President Operations/Sales Manager

Products:  boards, common; boards select; glued-up stock; furniture dimension

Species:  ash, basswood, birch, cherry, hickory, mahogany, hard maple, soft maple, red oak, white oak, poplar, black walnut, eastern white pine.

Boehm-Madisen Lumber Co., Inc.

PO Box 906, Brookfield, WI 53008-0906
Phone:  (262) 544-4660:  Fax: (262) 544-0795  

Contacts:  Thomas J. Kestly, Sr.  

Products:  boards, common; boards, select; flooring; timbers; cutstock; log cabin siding; glued-up stock; pattern stock; decking, laminated; decking, roof; dimension, furniture; dimension, precut; edge-glued products.

Danzer Group

Danzer Veneer Americas, PO Box 3455, Williamsport, PA 17701

Phone:     (570) 322-4400;  Fax: (570) 322-7213


Contact:  Dr. Vijay Reddy, Vice President, (724) 827-8366 Darlington, PA.

Products:  veneers for panel, furniture, door, cabinet, edge-banding and flooring, dimension, dry; cutstock; glued-up stock; moulding; fingerjoint stock; furniture dimension; window & sash stock

Species:  white ash, aspen, basswood, birch, cherry, black cypress, hickory, hard maple, poplar, red oak, soft maple, white maple, white oak, walnut, ash.

Fitzpatrick & Weller, Inc.

PO Box 490, Ellicottville, NY  14731-0490

Phone:     (716) 699-2393; Fax: (716) 699-2893

Email:; Website:

Contacts:  Dana Fitzpatrick, Executive Vice President

Products:  boards, common; boards, select; dimension, dry; glued-up stock; moulding; dimension, furniture.

Species:  ash, white ash, basswood, beech, birch, cherry, hickory, maple, hard maple, soft maple, white maple, red oak, white oak, poplar, hemlock, eastern white pine

Frank Miller Lumber Company, Inc.

1690 Frank Miller Road, Union City, IN  47390

Phone:    (765)-964-3196;  Fax:(765)-964-6618

Email:;   Website:

Contacts:  Martha Miller Mathias – President, CEO, COB

Products: boards, common; boards, select; dimension, green, quarter rift lumber

Species:  white ash, basswood, beech, cherry, elm, hackberry, hard maple, soft maple, white maple, red oak, white oak, yellow poplar, black walnut.

Hardwood Manufacturers Association

665 Rodi Road, Suite 305, Pittsburgh, PA  15235

Phone:   (412) 244-0440; Fax: (412) 244-9090


Contacts:  Linda Jovanovich

HMA is an association that assists the furniture, flooring, kitchen and bath, and moulding and woodwork industries with hardwood information.

Hardwood Market Report

PO Box 2633, Memphis, TN 38088-2633

Phone:    (901) 767-9126; Fax: (901) 767-7534



Contact:  Judd Johnson, Editor

Hardwood Market Report, established in 1922, is a weekly publication giving benchmark pricing information and marketing commentary on North American hardwood lumber and the hardwood products industry

Industrial Timber & Lumber Company

23925 Commerce Park, Beachwood, OH 44122

Phone:   (216) 831-3140; Fax:  (216) 831-4734

Email:;   Website:

Contacts:  Larry Evans, President

ISK Biocides, IBC manufacturing

416 E. Brooks Road, Memphis, TN 38109-0158

Phone:  (901) 344 5350; Fax: (901) 344 5387

Contact:  Joe Ignatoski, President , COO; Lance Johnson, District Sales Supervisor

Products:  sap stain and mold preventatives; industrial wood preservatives; WOODguard and Natural Home–wood protection for the homeowner.

Jim C. Hamer Company

PO Box 418, Kenova, WV  25530

Phone:     (304) 453-6381; Fax: (304) 453-6587

Email:      jdearing@jimchamer.comWebsite:

Contacts:  Steve Hamer, President

Products:  boards, common; boards, select; dimension, furniture

Species:  ash, beech, hard maple, soft maple, red oak, white oak, poplar.

Spartanburg Forest Products, Inc.

1431 Highway 101 South, Greer, SC 29651

Phone:     (864) 699-3100; Fax: (864) 699-3101

Email:;  Website:

Contact:  Stephan W. Michael, President/CEO

Spartanburg Forest Products, Inc. is a marketing and management organization, focusing in treated and engineered wood products.

T & S Hardwoods, Inc.

Harrisburg Road, PO Box 1233, Milledgeville, GA  31059

Phone:     (478) 453-3492; Fax:  (478) 453-9002

Email:;  Website:

Contacts: Larry N. Thompson III., President

Products:  boards, common; boards, select; dimension, green; railroad ties; timbers

Species: brown ash, cherry, cottonwood, soft elm, sap gum, hickory, soft maple, red oak, white oak, pecan, yellow poplar, sycamore, black walnut, cedar, cypress

USDA Forest Service

Northern Research Station, 180 Canfield St., Morgantown, WV 26505

Phone: (304) 285 – 1500

Contact:  Ed Cesa, Research Scientist

USDA Forest Service

Southern Research Station, 1650 Research Center Dr., Blacksburg, VA

Phone: (540) 231 – 5341

Contact:  Phil Araman, Senior Research Scientist.

Virginia Forest Products Association

220 East Williamsburg, PO Box 160, Sandston, VA  23150-0160

Phone:     (804) 737-5625;  Fax: (804) 737-9437

Email:;  Website:

Contact:  Susan Seward

W. M. Cramer Lumber Company

PO Box 2888, Hickory, NC  28603

Phone:     (828) 397-7481; Fax: (828) 397-3763

Email:; Website:

Contact:  Wendell Cramer, President

Products:  boards, common; boards, select

Species:  poplar, red oak, white oak, ash, hickory, beech, soft maple, cherry, hard maple, elm, basswood, chestnut, mahogany, white pine, ponderosa pine.

Wood Preservers, Inc.

PO Box 158, Warsaw, VA  22572

Phone:    (804) 333-4022; Fax: (804) 333-9269


Contact:  Morgan Wright, President

Products:  boards; softwood dimension; timbers; ties

Species:  loblolly pine, longleaf pine, shortleaf pine.