Selling Forest Products

About this Workshop:

Personal selling is the primary tool used in marketing most forest products. Yet, very few individuals in the industry have professional sales training when starting their career. Those attending this short course will learn the basics of personal selling, methods of identifying new customers, and will analyze their personal selling profile. The course is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales personnel. It is intended for new sales and marketing personnel or those wishing to improve their selling skills in the forest products industry.

Topics Covered:

  • Personal Selling as a Marketing and Promotional Function: The role of sales people in the overall promotion and marketing function of the organization.
  • Successful Personal Selling Strategies: Strategies have been developed that can improve the effectiveness of most sales people. Learn which strategies are right for your selling style.
  • Customer Behavioral Styles: All customers can be classified into certain behavioral styles. By understanding the customers’ behavioral style, sales people can adjust their selling strategies for maximum success.
  • Locating Customers: Prospecting for new customers is a primary function of sales people. This section will provide sales people with ideas on how to locate new customers.
  • Telemarketing: In the forest products industry, most sales are made by telephone. Effective use can save time and improve sales.
  • Making the Sales Presentation: How to present yourself and sales material to new or existing customers.
  • Trade Shows: Methods will be demonstrated to maximize your success when working or attending trade shows.
  • Your Personal Selling Profile: This self-test will measure your selling strengths and provide insight to where improvements can be made in your selling skills.