April 2013 Housing Report

by Urs Buehlmann and Al Schuler


Still lots of headwinds to deal with:

  •  Economy is getting  better, albeit very slowly
  • Government debt issues – all levels of government – exacerbates      the job probm
  • Much of Europe in recession  – major banking problems –             Cyprus is latest – China is slowing too
  • Housing’s main  problems  –    Weak domestic economy made     worse by slowing world economy; weak job market; poor income     growth; high debt levels; and tight credit environment

Demand ( not enough), debt and uncertainty are some of  serious problems that are impacting the economy.

Job creation is key to better demand!!! – this requires better vision from “Washington”

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Housing report- February 2013

By Urs Buehlmann and Al Schuler

The housing report is a free service of Virginia Tech and is intended to help you gauge future business activity.  Al Schuler gave us permission to include his monthly housing report in this mailing as well.  All past housing reports are archived at:http://woodproducts.sbio.vt.edu/housing-report/.

We would like to thank all who responded to our survey.  We are currently analyzing the data and we will keep you informed about the findings.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

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