Advanced Sales Training

About the Workshop:

Personal selling is the major form of promotion used in the forest products industry. Individuals are often expected to learn on the job the most important aspects of selling forest products. This course is designed for those individuals who are familiar with the forest products industry, but would like to improve their self management and interpersonal skills. This course focuses on the attributes of a good salesperson, how to effectively communicate, relationship building, sales negotiation strategies, effective time management and how to stay positive during difficult times. The course is intended for all salespeople who want to improve their skills to make them better salespeople.

Topics Covered:

  • What is a Good Salesperson?: Identify those factors that separate good salespeople from great salespeople and how participants can develop great techniques.
  • Effective Communication to Improve Sales: Evaluates the communication process and how we communicate with each other.
  • Asking Effective Questions to Improve Sales: Describe and demonstrate how to query customers.
  • Sales Negotiations: Discuss and demonstrate good negotiation skills in the forest products industry.
  • Improving Sales Through Effective Time Management: Evaluate how you use time so that you can effectively improve time spent in front of customers.
  • Trends in the Industry: Focuses on important trends that are affecting the wood products industry and how the salesperson can gather this information on a regular basis.
  • Improving Sales by Improving Your Attitude: How to help improve sales while reducing stress with some proven ways to stay positive during the selling process.
  • Relationship Selling for the Wood Products Industry: How to build positive relationships and friendships with your customers.